Medieval nosh-up with tours

Welcome drink (sparkling wine) at the chateau. Visit to the Chateau Brewery with an old-time production of beer, unique in the Czech Republic (fermentation tubs and wooden stock tubs), a beer museum. Prepared in a huge fireplace, the food is served directly to the banqueting table. The food is eaten with bare hands and the help of a large knife. Dance to music played by a period band. Medieval nosh-up – grilled meat: chicken steak, pork neck, meat skewers, chicken drumsticks and ribs . For vegetarians : mixed salads, grilled corn, grilled potatoes. All accompanied by home made bread. Unlimited Dětenice light and dark beer and Moravian cask wines during the programme from 19:00 - 22:00 hours only. Price per one person: 1.300 CZK